Highslide JS There’s a guy out there called Basri Emini who would have you believe that he’s some sort of real estate mogul, and he wants you to buy into his vacation paradise for the low, low price of no less than $700,000 US on up. But would you buy into a place where the CEO and developer has a history of unpaid debt, both corporate and personal, and flees the area when things get too out of hand? Yeah, me either. But some apparently already have, and others may be trying to take advantage of the low interest rates and special deals he may offer you, and to those we offer this information. All of this is public record and can be found if you look carefully, but as a service and as a convenience, we have presented this information for your review and consideration. If anyone’s copyrighted photograph has been used and you object to this site’s use of it, simply contact us and prove you are the owner of the image and we will remove it.

It seems at a young age, Basri was a wheeler-dealer as most 21 year olds do not own restaurants; clearly, the training of his youth is cooking. Here is a news report from March, 1997:

Man faces another bad check charge
Article from:Courier-News (Elgin, IL)
Article date:March 12, 1997
Copyright (c) 1997 Courier-News.

Elgin — A former restaurant owner has been arrested again on a charge of deceptive practice, police reported. Basri Emini, 21, of Streamwood, the former owner of the now closed Grand Cafe on Villa Street in Elgin, was being held in the Kane County Jail Tuesday in lieu of $10,000 bail following his arrest earlier in the day on the charge.

The charge is in addition to two previous deceptive practice counts against Emini, all stemming from his allegedly writing bad checks to companies that sold items to or performed work at the restaurant, according to investigators.

In the latest charge, Emini is accused of writing a $900 check to ACT Electronics of Elgin in September while knowing there were insufficient funds available.


What strikes me immediately is “Another Bad Check Charge” — so this isn’t the first time nor will it be the last as we see later on. Other restaurants open and close in the Chicago area between 1996 & 2003, under various names and corporate entities; debts mounted and suppliers filed suits. Here’s the list of cases filed in Cook County alone:

Case Number Plaintiff Defendant Date Filed

2006-M1-151206 PALISADES COLLECT EMINI BASRI 07/11/2006
2006-M1-150727 NWS INC DOOMI INC 07/10/2006
2005-M2-001620 BARTUCCI LOUIS GIN EMINI BASRI 07/27/2005
2004-M2-002600 PAPAGEORGE PETER E EMINI BASRI 10/06/2004
1997-M1-001814 EDWARD DON CO EMINI BASRI AKA EM 08/11/1997
1997-M1-001267 RYKOFF SEXTON INC EMINI BASRI 06/03/1997
1997-M3-000152 BUGAI JERRY EMINI BASRI 01/16/1997
1996-M3-004317 SCHARRINGTON SQUAR EMINI BASRI 11/26/1996
1996-M1-165491 CAMPAGNA TURANO BA GRAND CAFE INC 11/20/1996
1996-M1-002705 SYSCO CORP DBA EMINI BASRI DBA 11/14/1996
1996-M1-157321 SUPERIOR COFFEE FO EMINI BASRI 10/10/1996
1996-M3-003713 ILLINOIS FIRE EXTI EMINI BASRI 10/08/1996
1996-M1-002316 ALLIANT FOODSERVIC EMINI BASRI 10/02/1996
1996-M1-139058 HARRIS BK BARRINGT EMINI BASRI 07/10/1996

Some of these cases may have resulted in payment, but we are sure that there are more than one on the list have not been, and will not be paid. Before some of these lawsuits were even filed, Basri Emini had already skipped town and set up shop in downstate IL. Here is a news clipping from November, 2003:


El Paso chef revamps family dining concept
Article from:The Pantagraph Bloomington, IL
Article date:November 28, 2003
Copyright 2003 The Pantagraph Bloomington, IL. Provided by ProQuest LLC.

New to El Paso, The Range restaurant is a combination of an old- fashioned family place with a dash of gourmet food.

Well, that’s what owner Basri Emini calls it. He also calls it a “unique fusion which will include quality food with homemade sauces, gravies and soups daily, along with first-class service.” It is located at 100 Delaney Drive, at the intersection of Interstate 30 and Illinois 24.

A resident of Chicago, Emini is spending his time in El Paso in The Range’s kitchen as head chef. He has been in the restaurant business all his life, and comes from a family of restaurateurs that includes his father, brothers and sisters.


Well, he did have to flee Chicago and all of that litigation, so he opens up another restaurant in El Paso, IL, and he continues his career of cooking and restaurant ownership. Things probably went pretty well for a while, so good that he opened a second restaurant and applied for a liquor license in July, 2005. Here are the notes of the commission, which issued the license:

To: Members of the City Council July 25, 2005
From: Liquor Commission
Subject: Application of DooMi, Inc., d/b/a The Park, located at 1611 Morrissey Dr., for an RAS liquor license, which will allow the sale of all types of alcohol by the glass for consumption on the premises seven (7) days a week.

The Bloomington Liquor Commissioner Stephen Stockton called the Liquor Hearing to hear the application of DooMi, Inc., d/b/a The Park, located at 1611 Morrissey Dr., requesting an RAS liquor license which allows the sale of all types of alcohol by the glass for consumption on the premises seven (7) days a week. Present at the hearing were Liquor Commissioners Stephen Stockton, Marabeth Clapp, Steve Petersen and Mark Gibson; Hannah Eisner, Deputy Corporation Counsel, and Tracey Covert, City Clerk; Basri Emini and Shefki Emini, owner and Applicant representatives, and Merrick Hayes, Applicant’s attorney.

Commissioner Stockton requested that the Applicant explain the business plan. Basri Emini, Applicant representative and owner, addressed the Commission. The Park would be located in the former OTB. He described the establishment as a high end sports club and restaurant. The menu would feature steaks, fish, and pasta. Commissioner Stockton questioned the average dinner cost. Mr. Emini estimated the average dinner cost at $19. Commissioner Stockton requested additional information regarding the menu detail, facility changes, and investment. Mr. Emini stated that there would be six (6) appetizers, six to seven (6 - 7) salads, entrees offerings would include steak and fish. There would be two (2) size cuts of each steak offered. The menu would change on a monthly basis. The remodeling cost was estimated at $175,000. This figure included the fixtures and furnishings.

Mr. Emini reminded the Commission that he currently operates the Range, El Paso. It opened in November 2003. Merrick Hayes, Applicant’s attorney, addressed the Commission. He reminded them that the Eminis had appeared before them in the recent past. Mr. Emini still hosts a cooking segment on a local television news show.

Commissioner Stockton noted that back room was the lounge area. Mr. Emini described this area as the event room. Food would be offered buffet style. A DJ would be available in the evening. Commissioner Stockton questioned the floor plan and the bar’s location and size. Mr. Emini informed the Commission that the bar would not be L shaped. It had been reduced in size. Commissioner Stockton questioned the seating capacity of the bar area. Mr. Emini informed the Commission that the occupancy for OTB had been set at 517.

Commissioner Stockton questioned if there would be a stage area. He also questioned if the lounge area would be open when it was not reserved for a special event. Mr. Emini expressed his intention to operate the lounge area. It would be open during the business hours allowed by the City Code.

Commissioner Stockton questioned the kitchen hours. Mr. Emini stated that the kitchen hours would be based upon demand. He added that he planned to be open as late as possible citing 11:00 p.m.


As we can see, Basri is a cook and restaurant owner, as well as a local television personality on a show in which he cooks. This is July, 2005. Everyone is entitled to a career change and some can make quantum leaps, but is it reasonable to believe, according to the press information made available on line, that by the following year Basri Emini is a real estate developer? Here’s a piece of the puffery we found on one of those sites where you can post a profile about yourself:


Basri Emini’s Experience
Emini Equities
(Real Estate industry)

Currently holds this position

Ayia Punta Mita
(Real Estate industry)

May 2006 — Present (3 years 4 months)


Many articles found on the internet refer to Chicago-based Emini Equities; no such company can be found in Chicago or the Chicago area. No address. No corporation. No phone number found for the business other than another of Basri’s cell phone numbers. It appears Emini Equities is another figment of Mr. Emini’s imagination. In fact, he is not involved in real estate in 2006, because his latest restaurant failure is taking place at the time in Bloomington, IL. Here’s the news story:


The Park closes after city pulls license

Monday, June 5, 2006

BLOOMINGTON - A fledgling restaurant that quickly acquired both financial and image problems has closed, and the city has permanently revoked its liquor license. The Park lost its license after it failed to pay past-due food and beverage taxes by June 1, said Bloomington assistant city attorney Hannah Eisner.

Owner Boz Emini can do nothing to get the license back, she said.

Emini said the project was going under before the city pulled the license.

“I can’t run a business that’s not profitable and lose money everyday,” said Emini. “I’ve lost almost $1 million in the Bloomington project.

“I thought I brought something unique to Bloomington. It was a failure, that’s all I can say.”

Emini opened The Park and an adjoining nightclub, City to much fanfare in December at the Brandtville Center on the city’s southeast side.

But it wasn’t long before the 11,000-square-foot restaurant became mired in the problems of the nightclub, where confrontations posed continual issues for city police.

At a Bloomington Liquor Commission hearing in May, a city police lieutenant said shootings and stabbings had occurred at the nightclub, at Veterans Parkway and Morrissey Drive.

Police later denied any shootings or stabbings but said the City had received more police complaints than any bar in town.

Acknowledging problems at the nightclub, Emini closed City and planned to remodel it into a banquet room for private parties.

In tandem with that The Funny Bone, an adjacent comedy club, announced it was relocating to the Castle Theater in downtown Bloomington this month.

Owner Don Bassford said customers and employees were afraid to go to his venue because of the problems at Emini’s nightclub.

Meanwhile, Emini had vowed to repay all money owed and leave The Park open, but those plans failed.

Eisner didn’t know how much Emini’s debt for unpaid taxes over the last five months totaled because he had never filed a financial report detailing restaurant sales, which determine the amount of food and beverage taxes owed.

In addition to the unpaid taxes, several creditors recently placed liens on Emini’s leased property at the Brandtville Center.

Emini and his corporation, DooMi Inc., are listed on liens seeking to collect more than $160,000 in unpaid construction contracts, according to the McLean County Recorder’s office.

Meanwhile, Emini also owned another restaurant, The Range in El Paso. He said Monday that he had sold that business, but declined to disclose the buyer.


Make no mistake: Boz Emini is Basri Emini, and he does not pay his bills. But that’s not all — remember the earlier story posted from 1997 when the kid who had a restaurant was writing bad checks? Here’s the kicker:


Basri Emini, 32, 210 E. Fefeaur, Gibson City; convicted of attempting to pass a bad check; sentenced May 20 to two years of probation, $5,087.75 restitution and $1,281 fine and court costs; a charge of passing a bad check was reduced.


So he didn’t learn his lesson in his 20’s when he was doing this stuff and got locked-up for it, and 10 years later, he’s still doing it! And you’re thinking about buying a luxury vacation home from this guy?

Now in 2006 things have repeated themselves from the previous decade and he has again stiffed everyone and has to run away. Regrettably for Mr. Emini and his family, his father is tragically killed in an auto accident and the residence owned by his father is foreclosed upon while Basri is the executor of the estate, but nowhere to be found:


Woodford County 03-28-07

-Published 3/28, 4/4, 4/11-







CASE NO. 07 CH 8


The requisite Affidavit for Service by Publication having been filed in the above-captioned cause, NOTICE is hereby given to BASRI EMINI, Administrator of the Estate of Shefki Emini, Deceased; UNKNOWN OWNERS and NON-RECORD CLAIMANTS, defendants in the above-captioned cause, that the above-captioned mortgage foreclosure action is now pending in the Circuit Court of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Illinois, Woodford County, against you and other defendants, praying for the foreclosure of the mortgage hereinafter described conveying the real estate legally described as follows:


P.I.N. 15-05-301-010;

Commonly known as 211 West Gilman Street, Secor, Illinois 61771.

The name of the title holder of record and an identification of the mortgage to be foreclosed is as follows:

(A) Name or names of present owner or owners of the premises: THE CLEARY GROUP, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company;

(B) Date of Memorandum of Judgment: April 27, 2004;

(C) Name of Party against whom Memorandum of Judgment was rendered: Shefki Emini, now deceased;

(D) Name of Party in whose favor Memorandum of Judgment was rendered: WAUGH FOODS, INC., an Illinois corporation;

(E) Date and place of recording of Memorandum of Judgment and Warranty Deed (Warranty Deed under which Shefki Emini conveyed and warranted the aforementioned real estate to THE CLEARY GROUP, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company): Memorandum of Judgment recorded July 19, 2004, Woodford County, Illinois, Office of Recorder of Deeds; Warranty Deed recorded January 11, 2006, Woodford County, Illinois, Office of Recorder of Deeds.

(F) Identification of recording: Memorandum of Judgment: Document No. 405848; Warranty Deed: Document No. 600237.

And you are further notified that unless on or before April 27, 2007, you shall answer and defend in said suit, default judgment may be entered against you on said date or hereafter.

Dated: March 19, 2007.


The Internet Executives Club had its second annual finance and venture capital symposium at the Marriott on Michigan Ave. Basri attends this conference on internet marketing in 2007 called “Internet Executives Club: Finance & VC Symposium” and is photographed with Lynne Bairstow in this picture taken at the conference:

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What is interesting about this is, a year later, they are both promoting luxury property in Punta Mita, Mexico. Here is the relevant portion of a press release from October, 2008:


Some of those still buying beach vacation homes are looking in Punta Mita, a 1,500-acres (607 hectares) private peninsula in Mexico with Four Seasons and St Regis resorts.

Properties there, priced from US $700,000 to US $14 million, cost about a third less than the equivalent in Hawaii, Marketing and Operations Director Lynne Bairstow said.

Punta Mita residential development Ayia, with two-bedroom condos on a Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course priced at US$700,000 to US$1.2 million, also offers interest-free partial financing for up to two years, developer Basri Emini said.


This links Bairstow with Emini who were photographed together a year or so earlier. We have no information on her and by no means suggest that she should be avoided in any business transaction, merely making note of the fact that these two were present together at this conference, learning finance and marketing tips it would appear, and now are somehow involved together in property development in Mexico.

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Here’s more we found as magazines and internet sites continue to promote under Emini’s skillful manipulation:


Prices of the Ayia residences range from $700,000 to $1.2 million. For a limited time, 0% non-qualifying financing is being made available directly by the developer for a 24-month term. Payments are structured as 30% due at closing, 30% due after 12 months, and the remaining 40% balance due at the 24th month. Owners can enjoy immediate use of their residence and can make it available for income-generating rentals.

“We are offering an excellent opportunity for young executives to purchase their first starter resort home, with competitive pricing, a complete amenity package and financing opportunities,” said Basri Emini, founder of Chicago-based Emini Equities. “Ayia will offer the boutique condo experience in a stylish, contemporary setting for those who want to be pampered; we are taking luxury living and perfecting it here.”


Again, for such a savvy internet marketing guru, you’d think the public could find his company very easily, right? You will not find Emini Equities in Chicago because it does not exist. Sure, there’s a new website up now with a new cell phone number and he’s even promoting the sale of a luxury home in Burr Ridge, IL. However, he is not the owner of the property as far as we can tell, and if you’re the seller of this property, can Basri Emini be trusted? Seriously … how much real estate experience does he really have, and what does he really know about luxury land development? Can’t be that much, but his press would certainly lead you to believe otherwise. Here’s another great bit:


For more details, agents can call Emini at 011-52-329-5368. In fact, Emini was so excited about strengthening his relationship with agents that he gave us permission to print his cell phone number: 312-479-4875. Agents can also write to basri@ayiapuntamita.com or visit www.ayiapuntamita.com.


Anybody try calling? Yeah, me too …. DISCONNECTED. He must have been overrun with customers … or bill collectors. Basri, the truth is out about you — you have officially been “outed” and we intend to call out many others that we deem to be American Deadbeats.

This is where the story ended when we first posted this page back in 2009; much has transpired since then as the comments below have demonstrated. A new update is coming soon where we will address questions like “Who is Alexa Mierop?” and “What is Blue Lives Matter all about?” Stay tuned my friends … it’s on!

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